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b : a series of actions or functions conducing to an conclusion Particularly : a continuous Procedure or cure particularly in manufacture

, "GM's retooling of Detroit-Hamtramck plant continues Even with coronavirus," sixteen Mar. 2020 This kind of personal bankruptcy can take at least numerous months, and as a way to carry on operating throughout the process

The muscles attaching to the coracoid process are classified as the pectoralis major, coracobrachialis, along with the shorter head from the biceps brachii. See: scapula

) into outputs. These outputs then serve as inputs for the following stage right up until a regarded target or final result is achieved.

Processes frequently will need to communicate, for instance in a very shell pipeline, the output of the initial process need to go to the second a person, etc to the other process. It can be desired inside of a properly-structured way not using interrupts.

A multitasking running technique could change amongst processes to offer the appearance of many processes executing simultaneously (that is definitely, in parallel), while in truth just one process might be executing at Anybody time on just one CPU (Except if the CPU has a number of cores, then multithreading or other equivalent technologies can be used).[a]

All power, all varieties of Strength must be propagated With this; each and every process will have to happen in it which usually takes area at all.

They were being knowledgeable that their Kid's participation inside the job would by no means impact his remedy within the detention Middle or his lawful standing inside the adjudication process.

fluoridate, fluoridise, fluoridize - matter to fluoridation; take care of with fluoride; "fluoridized drinking water"; "fluoridize the tooth of youngsters"

trochanter - one of several bony prominences formulated close to the upper extremity from the femur to which muscles are connected

xiphoid process the pointed process of cartilage, indian visa supported by a Main of bone, linked With all the lower close on the sternum; known as also xiphoid.

system, rule - (mathematics) a normal method for resolving a class of mathematical complications; "he decided the upper sure with Descartes' rule of indicators"; "he gave us a normal formulation for attacking polynomials"

condensation - (psychoanalysis) an unconscious process whereby two Thoughts or visuals Blend into one symbol; specifically in goals

1a : a purely natural progressively continuing Procedure or advancement marked by a series of gradual variations that triumph one another in a relatively fastened way and direct toward a selected end result or finish the process of advancement the process of digestion

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